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Skiing is a Lifelong Sport

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Skiing combines technical, tactical, physical and mental (emotional and cognitive) building blocks as the foundation to build athletic skills. With fundamental athletic skills in place, children benefit from the opportunity to develop qualities that extend beyond a lifelong passion for sport, including leadership, self-esteem, cooperation, peer mentoring and learning, goal setting, task-focused activities and independence.

Skiing provides opportunities to develop lasting friendships, family bonds and memories of on-snow fun, thus cementing a child’s love for alpine skiing.

Children who participate in a variety of physical activities feel confident and are encouraged to continue to build on these skills through competitive and recreational sport activity. They will enjoy overall health benefits by developing greater physical literacy, which encourages them to be more physically active throughout their lives.

Skiing truly is a lifelong sport that is practiced by people of every age, shape, size ethnicity, and level of ability.


QVSC athletes will learn:

  1. Ski safety

  2. Cooperation

  3. Independence

  4. Listening skills

  5. Self-confidence

  6. Goal-setting

  7. Group/peer learning

  8. Task-focused activities


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