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What is Snow Stars

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

The Snows Stars program is an introductory learn to ski program for children ages 5

thru 11. Participants are placed in a small group with other children of the same age/skill

level, and experience.

Train to learn and love the sport, make sure they are having fun and being friends with each other, train as a group but focus on specific goals for each other (ex park, race, all

mountain), parents are actively involved and let them ski at other times as well.


Saturday - Train as a group with fun drills + train gates if set


The Snow Stars program focuses on developing essential skills, basic abilities and on-hill etiquette. Instruction and coaching is provided by qualified, enthusiastic and patient instructors, all of whom are products of the Snow Stars program themselves. Games, fun activities and structured instruction are all components of the Snow Stars curriculum.

A continuous grading system and on-hill evaluation is utilized. There is no prerequisite to joining the Snow Stars program. The emphasis is on fun, more than competition, and a team attitude is fostered at all times.

A CSCF certified ski coach will teach skills through active, guided play and will support

"show" and "do" activities.

The Snow Stars program contains seven (7) steps that outline key skills required for skier to progress from the beginner to the athletic skier, and eventually to learn the basic tactical skills needed to be a ski racer. These skills match the entry-level progression model – according to the "Skier Essentials" and "Train to Train" phases outlined in AIM 2 WIN – and are considered to be the building blocks for ski racers.

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