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Where can I find ski racing equipment?

I have had a few parents reach out since the start of the season looking for ski racing equipment for their kid I understand it can be hard to find ski racing equipment in Saskatchewan, especially used and for a good price. It may be considered a small niche if you are looking for a particular type of equipment, like race skis, race suits, shin guards, pole guards, chin guards, etc.

So, I just wanted to share a few tips and sites with you if you are looking for ski equipment:

1. Ask around, talk to other ski families and see if they have anything they don't use.

2. Attend the Canadian Ski Patrol - Qu'Appelle Zone Ski Swap (usually in October)

3. Check out Facebook pages such as:

3. Ski Racing Websites

4. Check out local retailers:

5. Check out Kijiji

Tip: If in Saskatchewan you have no luck, try out of province, such as Calgary or Edmonton. If you are okay with making arrangements of shipping and getting them to you. These areas have a lot more options for ski racing equipment due to high number of clubs and ski racers. I myself have had great luck finding new race skis from out of province.

I know finding ski equipment can be tough, hopefully these are a few ways to help you find what you are in search of.

Feel free to contact me if you are still having no luck! I am happy to help

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