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Registration now open and season info

Registration is now open!

QVSC is happy to announce registration is open for our 2021/2022 season!

Please register by visiting

Payment can be made on the first day of lessons.

If you have any questions during registration, please contact us.

Please register by no later than November 15.

More info to come on COVID Protocols and Race season

As of right now details are slim. Ski lessons and ski races as of right now are still a go. Plans are in the works and might be subject to change. We will provide more information as we learn more from Sask Alpine, Sask Sport, Mission Ridge, Alpine Canada, etc. as days go on.

Ski Team Jackets/Pants/Shorts

Interested in ordering a team jacket, pants or shorts?

Visit our online store and place your order. Deadline is October 15th in order to receive by the first of December and time to complete embroidery. Opportunity to order later may be considered depending on interest.

Mission Ridge Season Pass Sale

Season passes sale will go live October 1. Visit to make your purchase.

Mission Ridge Winter Park website is currently closed. Their website is currently undergoing a redesign in preparation for the 2021-2022 season. It will go live on October 1.

QVSC Annual General Meeting

We are always looking for parents to attend our AGM and for new committee members to join in helping make decisions for the club. If you are interested in learning what’s next for the club or help make decisions, please consider attending our upcoming AGM.

Meeting will be held in October (exact date TBD). Wait for an upcoming email from Richard.

All Sask Mountain Ski Camp in November (open to ages 10+)

During November 27-30, ski clubs from across Saskatchewan head to Canmore and area to ski in the mountains to get some ski miles on snow before the race season starts.

This opportunity is open to QVSC ski families with athletes ages 10 and up.

Depending on snow conditions will determine where clubs choose to ski at.

Expressions of interest from our QVSC athletes and families please contact Richard. Accommodations and cost of fees will be determined based on interest.

Note: QVSC will be looking for parents to attend and stay with their child.

Interested in attending? Or have any questions please contact Richard.

Please contact us for any questions you have. Also, more information on the upcoming season will be provided moving forward.

Richard Rumancik Text or call (306) 596-5744 Email:

Naomi Ottenbreit

Text or call (306) 730-9401


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